B6 protocol

Purpose: limited mucus or dry cycles


  • 500mg B6

    Take a sustained release form of Vitamin B6 daily for 60 days.

  • Evaluate effectiveness

    You should meet with your practitioner to evaluate the effectiveness of the B6 protocol. If not improvement is seen, discounting use of B6.

  • 100mg B6

    If some improvement in mucus quality is seen, continue vitamin B6 100mg for six months then discontinue.

More information

  • Foods high in B6: vegetables, milk, and meats.
  • Vitamins can be obtained over the counter at any health food store.
  • It is preferable that clients completing the B6 protocol be under a physician’s care for infertility evaluation.
To be used only with the direction of your FCP
This protocol is not a basic instruction and should not be used without the direct recommendation and supervision of your FertilityCare Practitioner.