Calculating your CMS

  • Write down and score your observations

    Write down the mucus observations for the 6 days leading up to and including your peak day. Then find the corresponding score in the chart below.

  • Add them up

    Add all of the scores for those six days together.

  • Divide by six

    Take the answer you got in step 2 and divide by six. This will give you the average mucus score for those six days.

0, 2, 2W, 4 (no points)
4 points
6C, 8C, 6CG, 8CG, 6GY, 8GY
6 points
6K, 6C/K, 8K, 8C/K, 10C, 10WL, 10SL, 10DL
8 points
10K, 10C/K
10 points
6CL, 8CL, 6GYL, 8GYL
12 points
10CL, 8KL, 8C/KL, 6KL, 6C/KL
14 points
10KL, 10C/KL, 10GYKL
16 points