How to submit a claim to insurance

I have compiled a few helpful websites and references to assist you in submitting a health insurance claim for my professional fertility counseling and educational services.

After your introductory session and after each follow-up, you will receive a receipt with medical billing codes associated with my services. This detailed receipt of services is for you to submit to your health insurance as claim.

Many of my clients have found it helpful to call there health insurance and ask about the CPT and ICD-10 codes used for our services. One thing to note when asking about these codes, you will be given both ICD-10 codes, because we teach both how to avoid and how to achieve pregnancy to ALL couples completing out program. The codes to ask about include:

z30.22 counseling and instruction in natural family planning to avoid pregnancy
z31.61 procreative counseling and advice using natural family planning
99404 Introductory sessions and individual follow-up sessions
99402 limited follow-up sessions and yearly membership renewal
99070 Napro Tracking charts and stamps
99071 new client materials

Here is a website that walks you through how to file a claim.

Here is the affordable care act law of 2012.

Here is a link that details the laws coverage of professional education and counseling regarding contraception(avoiding pregnancy). Some insurances will provide full reimbursement under this law simply with your receipt of services. Others may require a recommendation from a woman’s doctor first, then the services must be covered under the law. If this is the case, you will simply need your doctor to write the referral on a prescription pad, and then turn in a scanned copy to your insurance with your receipt of services.

Here is another website that helps women access these benefits if there insurance is being difficult with coverages or not complying with the law.

Insurance coverage varies on there willingness to cover counseling regarding infertility.

Though I can’t guarantee insurance coverage for my services, I try my best to give you the tools necessary to make it happen. Feel free to contact me with further questions or concerns.